Cooking is Life Itself and Has a Life of Its Own.
It’s Everyone’s Own Personal Journey.

“It’s difficult to think anything
but pleasant thoughts while
eating a homegrown tomato.”

—Lewis Grizzard


Enjoy lots of information on vegetarian cooking, and using herbs and spices everyday.

Make this your space. It’s where you can take a simple coriander seed, roast it, grind it fresh and smell the heavenly scent of freshly ground herbs and spices—like you may never have done before.?It’s a place to begin a culinary journey—a voyage into the world of healthy food ideas, especially working with the wonder of herbs and spices in the context of a vegetarian lifestyle.?It’s a place to discover and explore eclectic recipes, with a twist, which including allergy-free alternatives.?It’s a place to share and try recipes. Please send us your recipes so we can share them with everyone.

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Please visit my cooking blog, where I explore the healing aspects of herbs and spices.?What do you do to spice up your meals? The possibilities are endless, but where to start? Learning to cook with spices and herbs can literally change your palette and health. We all have our favorites. Most likely it’s time to check out your herb and spice cabinet for a long-overdue spring cleaning—anything that is over one or two year’s simple toss out and start fresh. Dried herbs lose their power and flavor with time. That’s why starting with whole spices and herbs, roasting and grinding them when needed, captures the ultimate freshness and taste. You can always keep a few pots of fresh herbs on your windowsill or in a ball jar on your counter—or growing them yourself and watching them grow—be delighted by the miracle of it all.

Please make your voice heard. Think of this as your cooking site.

Bon Appétit.

All Content Copyright © 2012 Joan Greenblatt

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